Dush ba ‘aql dar sukhan budam

Kashf shud bar dilam shali chunad

Guftam ai mayih hamah danish

Daram al-haq batu sawali cunad  

Last night I was conversing with my intellect;

A few covers were uncovered to my heart.

I said, “Source of all wisdom!”

“In truth, I have a few questions for you…” 

So I ran for a position for Rotor-act at school and won because I was the only one who ran for the position haha

"Do not let your brother in faith be stronger in his love for you than your love for him."
— Imam Ali (a.s.), Bihar Al-Anwar, V. 74, P. 165, No. 29 (via thelittlephilosopher)

(Source: thelittlephilosopher)


Reminder: This life is but a test #islamicquotes#duniya#jannah#allah#imamali

Soooo my friends are insane so one of them put my other friends number on Craiglist and said he was  a “male seeking a male” and then he began receiving all these messages from gay dudes and apparently he turned one of the gay guys straight…..


sitting next to your crush like



The house of my sister’s mother-in-law was burned down. we just got the news so please keep her and my sister’s family in your duaas.

Imam Ali (as) has a very unique and breath-taking way of speaking. He alters between two ends of a spectrum regarding a topic and interweaves them together so eloquently you don’t even know you are reading it just sinks in mind and becomes part of you.

Quranically you should be sending your peace upon Imam Ali (as). The Qur’an tells us to send peace upon the family of Yasin. Yasin (as) is the Prophet and Ali is his cousin.

I want a daughter so I can name her Fatima or Zehra.


Muslim weddings: you may now look at the bride

Small talk can be annoying and pretentious. You have to do a lot of it in college and it makes me feel all plastic and fake.


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