Asalaamu aleikum

I pray that all of you are In the best of health.

My grandfather is in need of duaa. He is being flown from his small town hospital to a hospital here in Portland to have emergency surgery. I would appreciate it if you could spare a few seconds to pray for him.

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Questionwhy don't you send some anons? Answer

how do you know I don’t send people anons?

You guys stink.


simply amazing view of the haramayn in Karbala, Iraq; right now!Β 

I have gotten 3 anons in 3 days. This is too overwhelming. I can’t handle this.

i’d like to thank the 5 followers of mine who acknowledge my existence

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Questionwhich one iz u Answer

I actually took the photo.



i still think 2007 was 3 years ago

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Quizup is the greatest app ever lol

Hes from Bahrain lol


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